Previous Titles

If you would like to get hold of any of our previous titles, please get in touch. Although we may not have them in stock ourselves we might have an idea where you can find them.

Sister Mary Agnes‘s Harvest, artwork by Garry Fabian Miller. September 2016. Poetry.

Melanie Challenger‘s The Tender Map, illustrated by Rose Ferraby. December 2016. Winner of the Michael Marks Award for Illustration. Poetry.

Jack Clemo‘s The Clay Dump, cover by Tony Martin. March 2016. Fiction.

Rob Magnuson Smith‘s Henry and the Moon Baby, illustrated by John Kilburn. October 2016. Fiction.

Karl O’Hanlon‘s And now they range, cover by Kate Walters. November 2016. Poetry.

Kate Walters‘ Iona Notebooks. April 2017. Art.

Triptychs featuring Rowan Williams, Rebecca Goss, Robert Lax, Sarah Cave, Nathan Thompson, Mona Arshi, Peter Riley, Isabel Galleymore, Toby Martinez de las Rivas, John F Deane, Rupert Loydell & Thomas A Clark. July 2017. Poetry.



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